Outdoor museum area

Covering an area of several hectares, the outdoor museum area features three route options between 600 and 1,150 metres in length, indicated by arrow signs in different colours. All routes begin and end in front of the museum building. The fortification equipment along the routes has been restored and equipped in accordance with the plans made during the Interim Peace and in 1944. 
Among other things, the outdoor museum area features:
  • the Salpa Line’s most common types of reinforced concrete bunkers
  • a spherical bunker and its moulding and casting equipment
  • a few unfinished bunker excavations
  • about 400 metres of restored battle and communication trenches
  • an anti-tank ditch
  • a four-row stone anti-tank line
  • ‘lion stones’ erected by the fortification builders
  • fortification artillery gun 155 K 77
  • an open anti-tank gun station with a 75 K 40 gun
  • a T-34 tank
The outdoor museum area also includes an exhibition, which is displayed in a bunker and presents infantry weapons used by the Finnish Army in World War II.
Photo: Mika Honkalinna