The Salpa Trail begins in the seaside landscape of Majaniemi, Virolahti, and continues to the traditional Harju Learning Centre. From Harju, the route continues to the museum area of Bunker Museum and on to Säkäjärvi in the traditional countryside landscape of South-East Finland. From Säkäjärvi, the trail goes to the Jermula hut in Miehikkälä. From Jermula, the route continues to the Salpa Line Museum and on to Muhikko and the forested wilderness of Takamaa. The route ends at Hostikka Cave in South Karelia.
The Salpa Trail is marked in the terrain with blue signs. There are 2–5 signs per kilometre, and they bear the ‘Salpapolku’ and otter symbols. The Salpa Trail partially runs along roads, on which the number of signs is smaller. Hikers are advised to use a map for help.


Photo: Heli Ala-Turkia