The museum’s permanent exhibition sheds light on the fortification of Finland’s eastern border in Virolahti in 1940–1941 and 1944. The museum is part of the wartime line of defence that extends from the Gulf of Finland to Salla and, as field fortifications, all the way to the Arctic Ocean. The line of defence can rightly be called Finland’s largest construction project, having employed not only military personnel but also as many as 35,000 civilian builders and 2,000 female volunteers.
Built in the wartime spirit, the exhibition barracks provide a suitable setting for the multimedia short film ‘Finnish Salpa - The last obstacle’, which uses original film material to give visitors a glimpse of the wartime atmosphere and the reasons behind the construction of the Salpa Line.
In the outdoor museum area, you have a chance to exlore the bunkers and other fortifications in the nature.