How to get there

The Salpa Line Museum is located in Miehikkälä in the south-eastern corner of Finland, close to the Vaalimaa border crossing point.
Helsinki 185 km
Hämeenlinna 220 km
Kouvola 90 km
Kotka 65 km
Hamina 40 km
Lappeenranta 65 km
Vaalimaa 18 km
Vyborg 80 km
St Petersburg 205 km     
The museum is located by Local Road 384 from Virojoki to Taavetti at Säästöpirtintie 70. You can get there from National Road 7/E18 by turning to Local Road 384 in Virojoki, or from National Road 6 by first turning to National Road 26 in Taavetti and then continuing to Local Road 384. There are signs to the museum from National Road 7/E18 and from Local Road 384 for those coming from the direction of National Road 6.
The bus station closest to the Salpa Line Museum is in Virojoki, the centre of Virolahti, 10 km from the museum. There is also a taxi rank at the bus station. The closest bus stop in the centre of Miehikkälä is about 3 km from the Salpa Line Museum.
Kymenlaakson Taksi, tel. +358 5 10 041