Stay the night in a bunker


Do you have what it takes to try something new and unique? Are you brave enough to spend the night in a dome bunker, surrounded by concrete walls half a metre thick?

Bring your own cosy sleeping bag and a camping mattress and take shelter in the bunker! Now you can stay overnight at the dome bunker in the yard of the Virolahti Bunker Museum. The overnight accommodation option is available to hikers on the Salpapolku trail and anyone else who might be interested.

Furniture and facilities

The dome bunker contains a wooden bunk that can sleep three to four people. The dome is equipped with one outlet, and a lamp as a source of light.
Guests can use the Bunker Museum’s facilities (shower, WC, fridge, water, electric stove). As the date of their booking approaches, guests will receive a text message containing a code to unlock the door.
A gazebo for grilling is just 200m away on the Salpapolku trail. It has a fireplace, tables, benches, outdoor toilet and a wood store. This is also freely available to guests.

Price list

An overnight stay in the dome shelter from 6pm - 10am is €25 per night.
Please note! You can now buy a gift card to use on an overnight stay in the dome shelter! Valid throughout 2020!

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Photos: Marinella Himari @nellahimari